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Discover Milan with Leonardo Da Vinci and Leowalk

LeoWalk - Tracing Leonard offers you a new way of discovering Leonardo da Vinci and the city of Milan. Our initiative is part of 'Leonardo 500' the official 2019 program of events and projects that celebrate the 500-year-anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci's demise. Visit Milan with Leonardo and 5 original tours of the city's most fascinating streets and sights.

The project LeoWalk is the result of a partnership between the City of Milan and BrandMade. The project offers the experience of discovering Leonardo da Vinci and Milan through 5 original itineraries that evoke the genius and the period of over 20 years (1482 - 1499 and 1508 - 1511) he spent in this city, inventing, designing and creating some of his most relevant work.

The initiative is part of the rich cultural program of events the city hosts in the context of the 500-year-anniversary of da Vinci’s death.

BrandMade is a Milan based digital agency that specializes in the production of high-high-quality editorial content.

Carlo Pastore

The Speaker

The project’s narrating voice belongs to Carlo Pastore, who hosts the radio show Babylon and is the MI AMI music festival Art Director. One more thing to add to his credentials: he’s a first rate Leonardo da Vinci fan.

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